We are the Pushbikers

My Team. My Crew. My Family.


When cycling is not only associated with results. But with individuals.

The glory of cycling

Cycling is suffering, the fight against oneself. It is silence and balance, sweat on the skin and wind on the neck.

Pushbikers Cosmos

Road races – yes! But the Pushbikers are about so much more. Stories & experiences, community & inspiration.

Our Future Stars


The power behind it

Thinking ahead for the team, looking after the riders, finding creative solutions. With fire in our hearts.

Passion connects

A place of belonging, where you meet like-minded people, where you feel at home. Immensly important for us – and in the summer months we invite everyone to join us for weekly social rides. Starting from the Pushbikers Shop.

My team. My crew. My family.

The Pushbikers project: a UCI Continental road team led by a former pro cyclist who wanted more than just thinking about his own success. A cycling club with an emerging junior team. A unique shop with showroom and workshop. A Mercedes Youngtimer accompanying the team and a growing community. In summary: One family, many possibilities.


Maloja Pushbikers Kollektions Logo

Maloja Pushbikers

Team Road

From the very beginning, we wanted to break conventions, but above all, we wanted to put our hearts into it. Cycling inspires, motivates and enriches our lives again and again. And so we think cycling in a multidisciplinary way, combining joy and performance, creating community and identity.
As Maloja Pushbikers, we develop visions for professional cycling that lie outside of defined paths. We ride to live.


Logo Rennrad und Mountainbike

Big fight at the European Track Championship

Once again Roy Eefting could convince in his parade discipline on the track: at the European Championships in Grenchen/ CH he wins the silver medal in the scratch. We are happy about his success and proud to have him as a Pushbiker in our team. Proficiat Roy!

The way back: Six Day Berlin

It has been a long time - in heart and time - since pushbikers have participated in six-day races. A unique world, great hustle and bustle, but also a very demanding format for the riders when it comes to technique and experience. With Roy Eefting and Filippo Fortin as Team Wahoo, we were able to dive back into Six Day Berlin at the end of January. Find out more here.

Heroes of the future

Cycling professionally and also developing educationally. A parallel life that only works with a lot of sacrifice. The promotion of top-class sport is a social issue, but also one that concerns us at Maloja Pushbikers. What is it about - an unconditional pursuit of success or personality and individuality? With the suggestion of our Pushbiker Max Benz-Kuch, we would like to share some points of view with you.

Cycling. together. creating. light

In the past year, the Pushbikers community has become a permanent part of our concept. We look back on many Thursday evening rides, meetings in the Pushbikers Shop, at the regulars' table or even at the museum in Munich to experience a bicycle exhibition together. At the end of the year in December, it was time to create light! Read how and where here.

Watch: We are the Pushbikers

Not only the Pushbikers riders and support staff went to this year's Tour of Upper Austria, but also a young man with a camera and a drone. Our goal was to film what it means to race as a Continental road team. And let the team riders themselves speak out. In the end, it became a reportage about why you dedicate yourself to cycling and what keeps us together as a team. Because we have much more in common than just racing.

Winter Wonderland for the Pushbikers

"The weekend described in a nutshell: cold, fun, team-building. Certainly a nice experience, which was mainly the communal feeling on the farm, while it was quite uncomfortably cold outside. It had more of a feeling of many friends coming together in one place and going through a good time than a strictly planned team meeting."
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