Pushbikers 2022. Welcome again!

Prologue: Courage is good, but endurance is better

Already in summer, when the road races are still in full swing, we start looking ahead to the coming season. It is always exciting to get in touch with new riders, to explore common ground, to build up new opportunities. But it’s just as important to be able to keep riders with you and continue to grow with them. We are happy to welcome four of our pushbikers back to the team next year – starting with our youngest rider Laurin and ending with Daniel, who continues his role as road captain and has a regional connection to us. We say “Welcome back” and summarise the four team members again.


Daniel Bichlmann

Year of birth: 1988

Racing events 2021: Tour of Rhodes, Belgrade Banjaluka, Oberösterreich Rundfahrt, DM Straße, Sibiu Cycling Tour, Pushbikers Grand Tour (Romania Rundfahrt, Tour of South Bohemia, Slovakia Rundfahrt)

Sporting successes 2021: 2nd place mountain classification Oberösterreich Rundfahrt I Overall victory Tour de Faso


“My first season as a true pushbiker has given me great new perspectives in many ways. A very young squad, still developing both athletically and personally, combined with an ambitious sporting management presented me with great challenges in my role as road captain. In the end, I learned how important it is to pursue realistic goals and keep things as simple as possible.”


Corey Davis

Year of birth: 1992

Pushbiker since: 2020

Racing in 2021: Istrian Spring Trophy, Tour of Rhodes, Mallorca Challenge, Belgrade Banjaluka, Oberösterreich Rundfahrt, Sibiu Cycling Tour, Pushbikers Grand Tour (Romania Tour, Tour of South Bohemia, Slovakia Tour)

Successes 2021: Top 20 result overall Tour of Rhodes, 23rd place GC Tour of Upper Austria

“Also this year there were many unpredictable situations due to Corona. But in the end, riders and management always found a solution. Being part of the Pushbikers makes me proud and is almost like a little family. I personally found our Grand Tour at the end of the season to be a highlight. Even after the third week, everyone was highly motivated, helpful and in a good mood. We have a super race programme again in 2022, which I’m looking forward to.”


Laurin von Stetten

Year of birth: 2002

Racing in 2021: Grand Prix Vorarlberg, Mallorca Challenge, Czech Cycling Tour, German Championship U23 Individual Time Trial, Tour of Romania, Tour of Slovakia

Goal for 2022: to finish in the top 10 of the U23 classification of a Tour of Slovakia

Further prospect for 2022: no longer the youngest rider in the team


“I will remember the 2021 races for a long time, how I suffered there. But for me, the Pushbikers are a place where I feel comfortable and feel that people have each other’s backs and support each other as much as they can. And so I’m already looking forward to racing again with my colleagues and pushing myself to the limit – even if we ride with big World Tour teams again. “


Tim Wollenberg

Year of birth: 2000

Pushbikers since: 2020

Racing in 2021: Istrian Spring Trophy, Mallorca Challenge, Tour of Rhodes, Tour of Upper Austria, German Road Championship, Sibiu Cycling Tour, Tour of Romania, Tour of South Bohemia

Successes 2021: 5th place prologue Oberösterreich Rundfahrt, 6th place prologue Sibiu Cycling Tour, 6th place stage 4 and 7th place stage 5 at the Romania Tour.


“In a few years I will certainly be able to remember this year’s Sibiu Tour. It started with insights into Romanian culture and ended with an entertaining team evening. The white jersey after the prologue was the icing on the cake of an all-round successful tour. 2022 is my last U23 year. I want to prove what I’m still capable of. A big goal is the German U23 Championships, where I hope to win a medal.”


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