Pushbikers 2022 – Benvenuto Mauro Finetto

Team Road

Mauro Finetto

Residence: Verona / Italy
Born in: 1985
Height: 1,77 m

Rider Type: Finisseur (as they say in France)


Instagram: pippofortin 

“The simple passion for the simple two wheels as a bike”

Ciao Mauro,

You have been riding for the French team Delko for several seasons now; in 2020 and 2011 you rode for the Liquigas Cannondale/Liquigas Doimo team in the World Tour and also took 4th place in a Vuelta a Espana stage. What do you consider to be your greatest success – athletically, but also personally?

Never compromising, always being myself and always giving my best both as a person and in sport.

Can you summarize for us how you got into cycling?

As a child, I often went on my bike in the fields around the house. Then I started with the road bike and one day during the summer when I was about 13 I saw some guys doing a team training. I decided to find out where the team headquarters were, because I wanted to start competing. As a junior when I was 18 years old, I became national vice champion on the road and in time trial – and so everything developed.

You have been riding some of the great Classics – the Giro d`Ìtalia, Milano-Sanremo as well as the Vuelta. In the past years you have won races like the Sibiu Cycling Tour and the Tour de Slovaquie. What are your personal goals for the upcoming season 2022?

Participate in these races with the Pushbikers guys.

What is crucial to you when chosing a team?

My idea is a team of simple and smart people who above all respect each other’s work. Regarding the Maloja Pushbikers, I expect the team to continue its growth and to contribute to this.

Is there a tradition you live by?

Respect for others and freedom (values ​​that I see disappear day after day).

Do you have a race ritual?

Before any race I always check that the brakes are well positioned. As we all know, cycling is already very hard, but if there is something wrong with the brakes then it becomes even harder.

What or who inspires you?

When it comes to cycling: the idea of ​​doing a good show, so that people look at you and get excited.

Whats your favourite cycling routes?

Hard routes, short climbs – and repeating that all day up and down.

Do you prefer to train alone or in a group?

Alone, for many of my colleagues it is difficult to follow my pace in training 🙂 .

If you weren’t a cyclist, what would you be?

Difficult question. When I was young I never thought of doing anything else. An astronaut maybe, to stay in space.

Quando si fa qualcosa con passione, si può solo vincere

Now you know the Pushbikers 2022. We are looking forward to the future challenges and lots of heartfelt cycling in the new season.

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